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To produce music you’ll need a few main pieces of equipment. Don’t worry—music production setups can vary a lot. You don’t need tons of expensive gear to get started as a producer. But you will need a handful of key pieces. I’m talking about equipment like a computer, DAW and something to listen to your sounds.

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Best Music Producers

Oreomusic is a Video & Music production company based in Lucknow that produces music for independent artists in a wide variety of genres such as pop, rock, electronic music, EDM, Bollywood and many other genres of Music. Being one of the oldest Music Production companies based in lucknow. We work with some of the best and most cutting edge music producers in India and can help you shape your artistic vision and help you find the success that you deserve.


Why Us

We understand the needs of Music Producers and Fresh Artists mainly because we are immersed in the world of music ourselves. We understand the nervousness of first time artists who want to get a music video made and understand that budgets may be limited. Accordingly we have a team of directors who can work with different budgets and create concepts according to the budgets so that shooting,and production costs are kept under control.

Other Music Related Services



If you are stuck at the song writing process and are not fully convinced that the melody of your song is completely “hit” material then our experienced music composers and lyrics writers can help you transform your rough idea or even a finished song into something even better. It is always a good idea to take a second opinion from experienced songwriters because an extra input or opinion can help you rediscover your own creative genius.



Even if you are good at arranging music on your DAW, you might still require some help in music programming and arrangement from someone more experienced. That could literally lift up the sound of your song and become the difference between success and failure. An experienced music programmer will be able to add more life, nuances, detail and complexity to your arrangement thus giving it a professional touch and the “wow” factor.



If you arrange or produce music it is a given that you will require the assistance of talented and experienced solo instrumentalists in your songs and productions from time to time. Whether you require an accomplished acoustic or electric guitar or bass player to lay down some parts in your songs or require the help of an experienced drummer, percussionist, violin or flute players we can help arrange professional musicians to play in your productions.


VST Instruments

If you are a music programmer then you must be familiar with the world of VSTI’s (Virtual studio instruments). We have been helping music producers and music programmers install and troubleshoot VST’s and Music Libraries for over a decade. Be it installation, upgradation and troubleshooting, we can help budding and experienced music producers grow their VST Collections,Soft Synths and Sample Libraries to include the latest VST’s.



Mastering music is not an arcane and mysterious science. On the other hand it is also not as simple as just slapping an Ozone Preset on your master bus! If you have arranged and mixed your music you must send your song for mastering to a professional mastering house like ours. Our mastering engineer’s experience and fresh set of ears will make your song sound louder, bigger with the right levels ready for uploading on YouTube and Spotify.



If you are a music producer with a home studio and you are wondering why your music is not sounding bright, clear and wide worry not! Most home studio producers are not happy with their mixes. An experienced mix engineer will be able to create width, clarity, separation and good dynamics in your mix with the help of quality effects processors and of course good ears! Simply bounce all your tracks and send it to us and we will do the rest!

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